Be part of the excitement, become a Billet Family today!


The Coastal Tsunami will be welcoming players from around Canada and other parts of the world and our players need a “home away from home”. Providing a caring and safe environment for players is a crucial role, and your willingness to open your home can greatly impact their experience.


If you’re interested in becoming a billet family, be sure to consider the commitment involved, including the time, patience, and willingness to share. Embracing cultural and personal differences on both sides can lead to meaningful connections and friendships that last a lifetime.


To get involved and learn more about the application process or any specific requirements, please contact the Coastal Tsunami. Your contribution can make a significant impact on the players’ development, both on and off the ice. Enjoy the excitement of being part of a supportive community and creating lasting memories!


What makes a great Billet family?

Being a billet family takes sensitivity and patience. For many of these young players, it is often their first time away from home, combined with having to adjust to playing and learning a higher level of hockey. In addition, they face the challenges of a new school and community. You must understand that the player is away from their family and that this player is a unique individual, and that getting used to a new environment can be tough. The best way to overcome this awkward transition is for you to share your lifestyle in a positive, safe, and caring manner.


What the Billet Family provides:

  • Private Accommodations: a private bedroom with a closet (and/or basement suite) including suitable bathroom facilities.
  • Nutritious Meals
  • Positive and Safe Atmosphere: a patient, caring, friendly home environment.
  • Guidance and Attention: the same guidance and attention you would want for your children. Working with the team management to enforce team rules such as curfews, helping players learn skills that will enable them to become more responsible off the ice.


What the Billet Family receives:

  • A monthly honorarium for each player housed – $750/mo. Per player.
  • Season Tickets – to all Tsunami home games Two (2) Season Tickets per player.
  • Invitation to the Year End Banquet and other team events throughout the year.
  • First-hand knowledge of events and happenings with the Coastal Tsunami.


Housing Dates:

  • All players will arrive from mid-August to the beginning of September. This allows for high school or college enrolled players to report to school for registration, as well as for training camp before the season begins.
  • Housing will continue through until the end of the season, which may last through the end of March and into April/May.

*ID Camp “invitation only” All players are required to find their own accommodations


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