Entering our 50th year of hockey on the Sunshine Coast, it is clear that our nation’s game is deep in the community’s hearts. We have produced many talented players locally and have welcomed many more who chose the coast as their home. The hockey culture has grown strong through decades of dedication from stalwart families and supporters. Minor hockey players in game-day attire have long been a staple of ferry travel between Langdale and Horseshoe Bay. Spectators regularly pack the rink for local matches and travel to the city to enjoy the game played at levels not available locally.

The time has come for this community to have its own Junior Hockey team. It’s a very exciting time for the Coast. The response from the public has been loud and clear, with record attendance at the Showcase events. Support from the business community has been superb. We are writing a new chapter in the hockey story of the Sunshine Coast.

Hosting a junior team locally will attract commerce, secure high-level development resources, and provide valuable volunteer opportunities. Most importantly, uniting behind a common goal will bind the community together. Building a team is building community. I am very proud of what the Coast has done and thrilled to see what the future will hold. Along with program staff and players, a thriving junior hockey program needs infrastructure to be in place. The Sunshine Coast Junior Hockey Society has recognized some gaps in the existing facilities, and work is underway to address them. There are plenty of ways to help us get this done. Look us up at to find out how you can join the team!