Tsunami provides multiple ways to make their inaugural roster

Giancarlo Nadeau


The Coastal Tsunami Inaugural Identification Camp has officially concluded!


Over 60 players participated, all of them sharing the same goal of making the Inaugural roster come September. “We hope to take several kids we will commit to and bring to our main camp,” said Director of Operations Rick Hopper, adding “our roster presents lots of opportunity to rookie players.” 


As for what the team will look like, Hopper hopes to have some veteran leadership and experienced players. Compared to other teams in the PJHL, the Tsunami are starting their roster from scratch, which can be challenging. “All we get with our expansion fee is the opportunity to play in the league, there is no expansion draft, we will be building our roster from scratch,” he explained. 


The camp allowed players the opportunity to prove themselves in hopes of ultimately making the Coastal Tsunami. “We want to provide a stable environment. If we commit to a player, then that means that we are confident in their ability to play at this level” he expressed. 


While only some players who attended the ID Camp this weekend will make the Inaugural team, the organization’s goal was to provide every player with a positive experience. “We have an opportunity to get in front of over 60 kids and make a good impression,” he said. “Our strength lies in the people we have working for us. It’s exciting. Historic,” added Hopper. 


Several evaluators evaluated the players on the ice this weekend. Approximately nine evaluators gave players an assessment of their potential to play junior hockey. “We were hoping to have 10-15 kids come out of camp that we can have a serious look at,” said Director of Player Personnel Jeff Nottingham. 


It’s safe to safe that the camp this weekend is one to remember.