Crazy P sets off a TSUNAMI

Giancarlo Nadeau


Patrick Thomas has been Crazy P for close to 20 years. From cheering on the Vancouver Giants at the 2007 Memorial Cup, running onto BC Place field during the Grey Cup, rooting for Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics, and partying with Canucks fans at Rogers Arena, he does it all!


“There’s a lot of different events. It’s like having kids. You love them differently, but all the same.” 


His experience on the Sunshine Coast in December was unique for him. “It was so historical for the Tsunami. A new junior team! It’s massive for the whole community.” Some highlights were watching the game and connecting with alums, but putting on the Tsunami jersey brought things to another level.


Crazy P with Tsunami co-owner Julie Reeves

“I love them. I don’t get too caught up in jerseys, but I love it. I really like it. They made the wave look tough and cool. Sort of like a haircut. American graffiti! Elvis Presley!” Crazy P noted that the wave’s eye looks rather tough, the mouth looks gritty, and the jersey colour is quite natural.


One thing that comes naturally for this hype fan is getting fans into the game they watch! Helping the Sunshine Coast cheer on their team for the first time was a delight. “Some people just want to watch, and others want to make noise. We can all sit and be quiet, but I encourage you to have some fun! Sports are great when they bring people together. All walks of life. All coming together. It really brings people together. Spirit. Delight. Let’s go!”


Crazy P is quick to admit that he can’t stop talking about his experience on the Sunshine Coast! “Smitty’s Oysters was great. It made me feel a part of it. The event and having everyone come out was fantastic. I loved the event. Dancing with Ernie ‘Punch’ McClean and the minor hockey breakfast the next day helped him feel welcomed and engaged with residents. 


Crazy P takes a photo with Tsunami executives.

The minor hockey breakfast, hosted the next day, helped Crazy P realize the importance of a junior team on the Sunshine Coast. “I learned a lot about minor hockey at breakfast. It’s not just about one team. It’s about minor hockey, too.”


One thing for sure is that Crazy P now has a family on the Sunshine Coast! “I have a new community, a new family. I really felt welcome there. Coastal people are honest and down to earth. I’ve been singing the team’s praises everywhere I go. At one of the last Canucks games I was at, a fan spotted me and yelled TSUNAMI!” After 20 years, everyone is family to Crazy P, from little kids to young adults.


“I wear the hat and t-shirt around. I think they did a great job. I am so grateful and so excited.”


The newly formed relationship between Crazy P and the Coastal Tsunami will last forever.